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Kid City Cafe

The early childhood years are a time when food habits are being developed, many of which are retained for life.  With this in mind, food being provide to children who are cared for outside their home should meet their social, cultural and educational needs.

At Kid City Kindergarten we provide children with a variety of healthy meals and frequent nutritious snacks that provide over 50% of children's recommended daily intake (RDI) of all nutrients in line with the current Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommendations.  The nutritional content of the food planned for and provided to children has been reviewed and endorsed as 'Meeting the Recommendations'.


If a child has special nutritional requirements e.g. allergies and intolerances, suitable arrangements will be discussed with families to accommodate children's individual needs.


Weekly menu’s are displayed on our notice boards and information relating to each child’s daily eating habits are informed to families.

Fresh food and meals prepared and cooked at the service are provided to children at the following routine times however, if a child suggests they are hungry in between these times, a light nutritious snack will be offered:


  • Morning Snack - 10:00am

  • Lunch - 11:45am

  • Afternoon Snack - 2:00pm

  • Late Afternoon Snack -  3:30pm


Mealtimes are proved in an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere where children can engage in conversation with educators and peers.  Educator’s role model acceptable social behaviour as they participate in the same mealtimes.  Here educators interact with children, encourage good heating habits, appreciation of different food tastes and the correct use of eating and serving utensils.


Self-serve filtered drinking water is always available to children at anytime during the day as well as routine meal times.


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